The Station Operator, Steven L. Smith

Born Miami Florida September 1955

Graduate of Parkway High School Manchester Missouri 1974 (one year ahead of my class)
So I am actually of class 75

Entered Active Duty with The United States Air Force September 1974

Served in Desert Shield / Storm from December of 1990, through March of 1991 with the 801 Bomb Wing (B-52's) and again in Saudi Arabia for support of "No-Fly" enforcement from May through September of 1993 as the Aircraft Electro-Environmental Technician in charge for support of the KC-135 (R) airframes.

Retired from the USAF October 1st 1993

Where I have played Ham Radio From..........

WNØFOI my first license 1972 while in St. Louis Missouri

N2BVJ second license attained while stationed in West Germany 1979-1981, and a reciprocal of DA1BM

and many portable operations from Luxembourg as N2BVJ/LX , Including operation from LXØRL the club station of

LXARC (Luxembourg Amateur Radio Club) and LX1BI's qth Roger Bouvee.

7Z1AB My most impressive DX Pedition, during service in Saudi Arabia, operation from the Embassy

KG5VK Present Call sign attained upon upgrade to advanced class August of 1985

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Ham Radio accomplishments

First Place Multi-Multi Phone Europe ARRL DX contest 1981
Team N2BVJ/Lx0

ARRL DX Contest 1986 "First Place Indiana Section 20 Meter Phone" N2BVJ/W9

Two "Certificates of Achievements" for operation in the IARU contests,

One in 1987 as N2BVJ/W9 Indiana

and in 1989 as KG5VK in Louisiana.

ARRL Sweepstakes 1989, "First Place Single OP High Power CW Louisiana Section" KG5VK

ARRL 160 Meter Dx Contest 1990, "First Place Multi OP" KG5VK

Scandinavian Activity Contest 1993, "Certificate of Merit" KG5VK in Louisiana.

CQ World Wide 160 meter Contest 1995, "First Place Multi-Op CW" KG5VK Louisiana.

DXCC June 1st 1990 KG5VK
(Thanks Tom KR5D for encouragement and telling me just send the cards in)

An OP of Sweepstakes Teams K5SL,AE5T,N5WA, N5OCD and K5RV and A CLEAN SWEEP WAS HAD IN ALL

1992 (K5SL), 1993 (N5WA), 1994 (N5OCD), 1996 (K5RV), 1997 (AE5T) and 1998 (KG5VK)

I missed 1990 and 1991 because I was serving with the USAF in Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

2003 The results mistakenly showed the KG5VK team as "A", we were "M"
and the results should have shown us as the first Place in Louisiana as Delta Division

2004 The KG5VK team missed First place in Louisiana by less than 200 Q's

2005 We took first Place in Louisiana Multi-Op team at KG5VK
Missed first place in ARRL Delta Division by just under 500 Q's
to the Tennessee Contest Group
However we made the Top Five Box for the Region that year !

In 2006 I started playing with RTTY again and took first place in the ARRL division in the RTTY Round-Up and have received a very nice plaque from West Mountain Radio

My Go To Guy for Ham Radio Techno is "Doctor Bob" K8KI who was also stationed with us when we were in West Germany
Bob owns and operates

Last but not least is who was my Elmer WBØCXN Robert Bracken of St. Louis Missouri.

If you want to join our Multi-Op Sweep Stakes team, simply email me your request

In 2015 My wife and I moved from Louisiana where we lived on a small 3 acre lot,
I am currently rebuilding my station and antenna farm at our new QTH in North Texas,
stay tuned for images of the new QTH Including the 80m Rhombic, 8el Sterba Curtain array and
The 9 element YCCC Vertical Receive array

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