This is the 40m Four element World Class KLM Beam

Mounted on a short tower, this tower is only 24 feet high. This antenna is not small, it has a boom over 40 feet long. It is ONLY 24 feet above the ground, but I get 10 db better recieve signal strength compared to the Full size two elemnet loop array, and the wire loop array is one of the best antennas I have used, so even at only 24 feet this antenna project was worth while.
Even more important this antenna is low for working close in states during ARRL Phone SweepStakes

In the background is a Th-33 tri-bander mounted on one of the 50 foot HBX series towers. This is an out dated image and the Th-33 is no longer on the HBX tower, as I have added a Four Bay Sturba Curtain array that run from the far seen HBX tower to another one at the back side of the lot, so those two HBX towers are supporting a wire array that runs N/S favoring East and West propagation This gives me a multi Band antenna to use on the second radio during SO2R when one of the other primary antennas are in use.  One of my strongest beliefs is we must have more than one antenna choice per band to be competitive. That is why I have Five antenna choices on 80 meters !

East Antenna site of KG5VK
Same antenna but it is now mounted on 24 feet of Rohn 25G
No longer mounted the TrisTaeo pole shown here

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